Dietmar Kainrath

“The magic 7”

Where do the wonders of the world meet the deadly sins? Where do fairy-tales meet the heptathlon sports contest? Where do you find world-famous films and artists on drinks cans? The answer: in Dietmar Kainrath’s new exhibition “The magic 7”. The works of the Tyrolean artist are on display from 8 July to 3 September 2017 in his 7th exhibition at Hangar-7 in Salzburg.

Indian ink pen, thin brush strokes and the sparing use of water colours are the hallmarks of Dietmar Kainrath’s art. His creations are renowned for their aesthetic brushwork. With the quirky effects produced by his pen, Kainrath realises his ideas in original and unexpected ways.

The richly symbolic number 7 forms the motto and framework surrounding a wide variety of caricatures presented by the artist in his current exhibition. The thematic arc of the exhibition extends from sport to world heritage, from fairytale to film, from art to religion – accompanied always by the cans which have become so well-known from the Red Bulletin. Drawn with simple pen strokes without a ruler, they guide us through the artist’s exhibition. Sometimes the cans take centre stage; sometimes they provide an audacious commentary on what is happening.

In his “The magic 7” exhibition, Dietmar Kainrath opens up new and unusual perspectives and humorous, creative interpretations of familiar themes and great artists.

About Dietmar Kainrath

Dietmar Kainrath was born on 8 September 1942 in Innsbruck and initially attended the school of arts and crafts. Although he developed a taste for caricature at an early age, this enthusiasm initially took second place to his appetite for life. He spent some years in various cities all over Europe, including a spell working in a circus in Germany. After his return to Innsbruck and the birth of his first son, his life plan changed and he worked for a time as an independent commercial artist. At the end of the 1970s, he made his passion for caricature his main profession. Today, Dietmar Kainrath works and lives in the Tyrol with his wife Verena.

The artist became known as a result of numerous exhibitions in Austria, Germany and the USA. His most successful drawings include the 60 caricatures he made for Charles Bukowski’s film “Barfly”. His first exhibition as a freelance caricaturist – on the subject of alcohol – was held in 1979. Although he still had various graphic commissions to fulfil, the number of companies that recognised the value of his art was growing. Drawings were commissioned by Porsche, Mercedes, Austrian Airlines, Weltwoche, Penthouse and Playboy. His caricatures on the subjects of the Tyrol, justice, politics, addiction and sport have appeared in many national and international publications.

Dietmar Kainrath’s role models include the Romanian-American illustrator and caricaturist Saul Steinberg, the French graphic artist and author Tomi Ungerer, and Paul Flora. His most recent activities include his work as a caricaturist for The Red Bulletin.

Selection of Works:

Exhibition period

From July 8 to 3 September 2017.

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Dietmar Kainrath

“The magic 7”

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