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Mood Food secrets

secret tip:

Are you furious about something? Then eat foods with lots of crunch when you bite into them, such as crispbread. It alleviates tension and calms you down.

Mood Food menu

Marinated tuna with carrot-papaya salad and pickled pak choi

Fermented sauces such as soy sauce are rich in salsolinol, which reacts with the protein component cysteine to form dihydrobenzothiazine. As well as being a mood-enhancer, dihydrobenzothiazine has strong neurological effects.

Salmon soup with cheddar-semolina dumplings and curry espuma

Particularly during periods of stress, you should try to eat more heavily spiced meals, such as spicy Asian dishes with curry. Curry is a mixture of different spices that have an effect on the psyche. Ginger oil contained in ginger has a relaxing effect, while Capsaicin in paprika and chilli is mood-enhancing.

Glass noodle-coriander salad, cashew nuts and romaine lettuce

Due to its different essential oils, coriander is a proven herbal mood lifter.

Banana-avocado cream with tonka beans, rice pudding and spicy mango granite

Food that contains a good balance of the amino acid tryptophan and carbohydrates can help you feel comfortable and relaxed. If the tryptophan-serotonin system – and, thus, the production of melatonin – are optimally activated, you feel better. Bananas are one type of food that achieves this effect.

Addis Ababa iced tea with lychee and palm sugar

Simply drown your sorrows with alcohol? Unfortunately, that doesn‘t work. In fact, it makes everything seem even worse afterwards. Studies have shown that much less of the calming hormone serotonin is produced. Lychees contain lots of vitamin C.

Apple smoothie with caraway and Red Bull Simply Cola

Caraway is effective against flatulence and intestinal spasms. It calms an irritated or upset stomach and stops us feeling unpleasantly full after a meal.

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