Restaurant Ikarus

From dream to reality: Restaurant Ikarus's guest chef concept

At Hangar-7, a project was started which no other restaurant in the world had ever dared to attempt: the guest chef concept.

A different top chef each month. It doesn‘t matter which continent or country they come from, whether it‘s the USA, South Africa or Japan. Or whether they serve traditional, fusion or molecular cuisine. What matters most is the variety. And, of course, the high quality of the dishes.

When Restaurant Ikarus opened its doors in 2003, most people couldn‘t imagine that this ambitious plan would actually work in reality. But that was never an issue for the brains behind the concept. They never focused on the “whether”, only on the “how”.

It became clear after just a few months that the guest chef concept would be a resounding success. Firstly, because it fills a gap in the field of top cuisine, a gap which no one had ever dared to fill. And secondly, because Hangar-7 is the perfect environment in which to implement the guest chef concept.

Eckart Witzigmann, Chef of the Century and patron of Restaurant Ikarus, implemented the concept successfully from 2003 to 2013, together with Executive Chef Roland Trettl. Since January 2014, the Ikarus Concept has been continued under the patronage of Eckart Witzigmann and guidance of Martin Klein, who for many years was the partner and Chef de Cuisine of former Executive Chef Roland Trettl. Unique instead of mainstream, multi-faceted instead of simplistic, bold instead of boring, and cosmopolitan instead of narrow-minded will continue to be the motto under Martin. The result? Satisfied bons vivants who relish fine cuisine.

For the chefs of Restaurant Ikarus, the guest chef concept means adapting to a new menu, a new top chef and a new philosophy each and every month. This demands a high degree of talent, versatility and team spirit.

Guest Chefs 2007

December, Roland Trettl
November, Jean-Marie Gautier
October, Greg Malouf
September, Andrea Berton
August, Gary Danko
July, Jonnie Boer
June, Heinz von Holzen
May, Rainer Sigg
April, Marc Fosh
March, Marcus Samuelsson
February, Susur Lee
January, Mario Lohninger

Guest Chefs 2006

December, Alex Atala
November, Jean-Georges Klein
October, Jin Jie Zhang
September, Andrés Madrigal Garcia
August, Roland Trettl
July, Ryuichi Yoshii
June, Robert Feenie
May, Frank Zlomke
April, Gianluigi Bonelli
March, Vivek Singh
February, Gabriel Kreuther
January, Juan Amador

Andrés Madrigal Garcia

Guest Chefs 2005

December, Martha Ortiz Chapa
November, Dieter Müller
October, Jereme Leung
September, Gennaro Esposito
August, Roland Trettl
July, Christian Delouvrier
June, Cheong Liew
May, Eduard Hitzberger
April, Xavier Pellicer
March, Wolfgang von Wieser
February, Marc Haeberlin
January, Ralf Zacherl

Guest Chefs 2004

December, Gray Kunz
November, Rainer Becker
October, David Thompson
September, Jean-Georges Vongerichten
August, Thomas Kammaier
July, Norbert Niederkofler
June, Lea Linster
May, André Jäger
April, Dieter Koschina
March, Carlo Cracco
February, Martin Dalsass
January, Roland Trettl

Guest chefs 2003

December, Roland Trettl
November, Jörg Sackmann
October, Gerhard Schwaiger

Opening Hours Restaurant Ikarus

Restaurant Ikarus at Hangar-7 Salzburg

DAILY, LUNCH 12:00 TO 02:00 PM, DINNER 07:00 PM TO 10:00 PM

In order to better facilitate the Ikarus kitchen's transition from one guest chef to the next, the restaurant will be closed for lunch the first day of every month.

The restaurant will open at 07:30 pm at these days.

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Rating Systems for Gourmet Restaurants

Gourmet restaurants are rated in various publications such as the Guide Michelin, Falstaff and GaultMillau.

The GaultMillau, for example, evaluates restaurants according to the French school grade system awarding 0 to 20 points. In keeping with the original ethos of the guide's two founders,Gault and Millau, the highest 20 point rating cannot be awarded in Austria.

As the globally-recognised Guide Michelin has pulled out of Austria, local gourmets can now only look to the "Michelin Guide Main Cities of Europe" for pointers. Of the 44 cities in 20 featured countries, only Vienna and Salzburg are rated here. Restaurant Ikarus was awarded two Michelin Stars.

The most democratic of all ratings is conducted by Falstaff:
The results are gathered by polling members of the "Falstaf" gourmet club.
For the Falstaff Restaurant Guide 2010, 15,000 gourmet club members tested more than 1,100 restaurants and submitted a total of 176,000 reviews.
This further consolidates Austria's only independent and democratic restaurant guide's position as the most important mouthpiece of the gourmet community.

The restaurant Ikarus in Hangar-7 was for the first time awarded a record rating of 100 points in March 2011.

Falstaff Restaurantguide 2015: The Restaurant Ikarus was awarded  with an overall rating of 98 points.


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Guest chefs at Restaurant Ikarus

Guest chefs 2016

Ikarus invites the world`s best chefs

The Hangar-7 cookery book 2015 /en/service-shop/ikarus-invites-the-worlds-best-chefs-2015/

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: May 2016

Prin Polsuk /en/ikarus/guest-chef-at-restaurant-ikarus/2016/prin-polsuk/

Martin Klein meets

Prin Polsuk
Bangkok, Thailand

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: April 2016

Sang-Hoon Degeimbre /en/ikarus/guest-chef-at-restaurant-ikarus/2016/sang-hoon-degeimbre/

Martin Klein meets

Sang-Hoon Degeimbre
Liernu, Belgium

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: March 2016

Dominique Crenn

Martin Klein meets

Dominique Crenn
San Francisco, USA

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: Feburary 2016

Poul Andrias Ziska

Martin Klein meets

Poul Andrias Ziska
Faroe Islands

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: January 2016

Dimitris Pamporis

Martin Klein meets

Dimitris Pamporis
Patmos Island, Greece

Ikarus invites the world`s best chefs

The Hangar-7 cookbook 2014 /en/service-shop/ikarus-invites-the-worlds-best-chefs-2014/

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: December 2015

Peter Knogl

Martin Klein meets

Peter Knogl
Basel, Switzerland

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: November 2015

Ikarus Team

Martin Klein and the
Ikarus Team

Ikarus Team, Salzburg, Austria /en/ikarus/martin-klein-auf-reisen/2015/martin-klein-and-the-ikarus-team/

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: October 2015

Christopher Kostow

Martin Klein meets

Christopher Kostow
St. Helena, California, USA

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: September 2015

Richard van Oostenbrugge

Martin Klein meets

Richard van Oostenbrugge
Amsterdam, Europe

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: August 2015

Ben Greeno

Martin Klein meets

Ben Greeno
Sydney, Australia

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: Juli 2015

Luke Dale-Roberts

Martin Klein meets

Luke Dale-Roberts
Cape Town, South Africa

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: Juni 2015

Esben Holmboe Bang

Martin Klein meets

Esben Holmboe Bang
Maaemo, Oslo, Norway

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: May 2015

Tomislav Gretić

Martin Klein meets

Tomislav Gretić
Hotel Monte Mulini, Wine Vault Restaurant, Croatia

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: April 2015

Harald Wohlfahrt