Joan & Jordi Roca

The Roca brothers

Joan, Jordi and Josep Roca probably form the most exquisite triangle in Spain. Each corner has its own special characteristic: Joan's corner is savoury, Jordi's is sweet, Josep's is red and white. The Roca brothers are all from classic vintages: Joan from '64, Jordi from '78 and Josep from '66. At this point we're not giving away which of the three decided to abjure the traditional chef's whites.

"Joan – vintage 1964"
Joan took his first steps in the direction of the kitchen in the family's Can Roca restaurant. His first teachers were his mother and grandmother, who introduced him to the secrets of Catalan cooking. Girona Catering School took care of the scientific part. Before he was able to prove his skills in the family business, he took on the delicate task of passing on his culinary knowledge to the family. In 1986 he took charge of the kitchen at Can Roca and added the name El Celler.  El Celler de Can Roca was born.

"Jordi – vintage 1978"
It's not hard to guess that Jordi learned to crawl in his parents' restaurant Can Roca. Later, with both feet firmly on the ground, his brothers took him under their wings. In between he attended Girona Catering School, which his older brother had already attended. In 1997 he joined up with his brothers at El Celler de Can Roca. After he had worked his way through the ranks in the family's own restaurant, he not only found an excellent teacher in pastry chef Damian Allsop, he also found his vocation. He still defends his position as pastry chef today with incomparable invention and refinement.

"Josep – vintage 1966"
Although the third brother will not be taking part in the July 2010 culinary expedition through the pots and pans at Ikarus restaurant in Hangar-7, we'll air his quality career here. Unlike his brothers, little Josep was much more interested in what went on outside the kitchen. Even as an 11 year-old he tried to compete with the waiters. At Catering School he discovered the position for which he was destined in the family business. And under Josep Lluis Pérez Verdú he learnt everything that a sommelier needs to know about wine, but can't learn from a book.

Back to the kitchen at El Celler de Can Roca, which has been based in Can Suñer Villa, Girona, since 1992. The kitchen follows three mouth-watering flavour trends. The first reflects national traditions. The second accesses the emotions using an intellectual approach. The last certainly does not disregard classical cooking techniques – on the contrary, they are enhanced here, so that taste-buds indulge in reminiscences. Together all three form the basis of the molecular cuisine that prevails at El Celler de Can Roca. Amongst their culinary techniques the two brothers rely on sous-vide cuisine, colours in dishes which create particular moods, their culinary noses, which play a major role in every dish, and many other pleasing techniques.

(Countless prizes and the recently awarded third Michelin star are testament to the success of the Roca brothers). The brothers' culinary creations are recorded in the following masterpieces: La Cuina De La Meva Mare, Sweet Sensations and Diez Menús Para Un Concierto. The latest work from El Celler, La Cocina al Vacío, addresses the still highly uncommon and extremely innovative technique of vacuum cooking. And the authors are? Joan Roca, of course, this time in collaboration with Salvador Brugués.

And because one restaurant can be a little restrictive for three brothers, they have gradually expanded their place of work. The three of them are proprietors of the gourmet restaurant Moo, Mas Marroch (for banquets and celebrations), traditional restaurant Numun and summer restaurant Cap Roig in the botanical garden of the same name. In between they still find time for catering events and workshops.

The Rocas allay the poor image of triangular relationships with a very delicate touch with molecular cuisine and the cuisine of Catalonia. Their sensitive relationship is reflected in all their creations, in or out of the kitchen.

El Celler de Can Roca

Can Sunyer 48
17007 Girona

Tel.: +34 (0)972 / 22 21 57
Fax: +34 (0)972 / 48 52 59

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