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Guest Chef June 2014: Magnus Ek

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Demanding gourmets are only too happy to set foot ashore on the island of Djurgården, close to central Stockholm. Here at the Oaxen Krog, Magnus Ek presents his innovative and regionally rooted New Nordic Cuisine which is considered to be one of the best in the world and therefore has been nominated with a Michelin star.

Ek’s journey to the top of international Haute Cuisine is rather unusual. His résumé is not adorned with renowned top restaurants in London or Paris, nor does it boast extraordinary culinary adventures in faraway countries. Rather, Ek developed his own style very early on and developed his culinary philosophy, which is strictly committed to regionality and sustainability, years before star chefs such as René Redzepi. Ek finds the inspiration for his creations right on his very doorstep. “I am really happy when I can find my ingredients in nature. For me, cooking is first and foremost about tracking down the best ingredients.”

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ServusTV offers anyone wanting to watch the world’s best, most innovative chefs the ideal opportunity to do so. The documentary series “Culinary Heights at Ikarus“ shows the guest chefs up close and personal. See the challenges faced by the team at Restaurant Ikarus, and what Executive Chef Martin Klein discovered during his trips to the home countries of his guest chefs. 

Sun 07.01.19:40Culinary Heights at Ikarus - Paolo Casagrande

Oaxen Krog

Stockholm, Sweden


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Paolo Casagrande

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