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Guest Chef July 2014: Sat Bains

Enjoyably imposing

Anyone who thinks that Sat Bains’ impressive stature implies a coarse and clumsy cuisine is completely mistaken. The friendly Englishman of Indian descent is, in fact, rather a perfectionist with a penchant for filigree at his eponymous Sat Bains restaurant in Nottingham.

Even the smallest of details count in his British-inspired degustation menus bursting with flavours. The results are culinary creations which actually have quite a lot in common with Bains’ physique – they are, quite simply, tremendous. Sat Bains was awarded his first Michelin star for his innovative cuisine in 2003. Further awards followed, including Chefs’ Chef of the Year in 2009 and a second Michelin star in 2011. The icing on the cake then came in 2013: Bains’ cookbook “Too Many Chiefs Only One Indian” was awarded the title of Best Cookbook in the World at the Gourmand Awards in Paris.

ServusTV: Culinary Heights at Ikarus bei

Each month at Salzburg’s two Michelin-starred Restaurant Ikarus, a different top international chef creates the menu. For this globally unique concept, Hangar-7 executive chef Martin Klein visits the cream of the crop, takes a look behind the scenes of haute cuisine, and is let in on some exciting culinary secrets. “Culinary Heights at Ikarus” offers a unique glimpse into the world of high-end cuisine and provides an interesting portrait of each guest chef, their culinary philosophy, and the food culture of their country.

Sun 06.05.22:15Culinary Heights at Ikarus - Johannes King

Sat Bains

Nottingham, England


Currently at Hangar-7

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