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Ever wondered how good a sophisticated Douglas DC-6B would look in your living room?

With a wing span of 35 metres, this may seem impossible. But you needn‘t worry, because a true-to-scale model of this cult object from The Flying Bulls collection is now available in the Hangar-7 Merchandising Shop, as a real show-piece set in precious Swarovski crystals.

But if you‘re happy just to admire the historical aircraft in Hangar-7, you‘ll also find the right accessory in the Merchandising Shop for your own four walls – or the perfect gift for your friends and relatives. Care for a small taster of our diverse range of products? Then how about exclusive items from The Flying Bulls collection or fan merchandise for the Formula 1 World Championship winning Red Bull Racing team. You can also buy vouchers for the many different areas of Hangar-7 here.

And if you‘re a fan of the Hangar-7 Executive Chef and his guest chefs who visit Restaurant Ikarus from all over the world, you can recreate their delicious dishes at home, with the „Ikarus invites the best chefs“ cookbook series.

By the way: you can now visit the Hangar-7 Merchandising Shop at any time, from anywhere. How? Via the shop‘s own website, which operates 24/7 and offers secure shipping and stress-free payment methods.

You can also visit the Hangar-7 Online-Shop around the clock at:!

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Hangar-7 Merchandising Shop

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All books are available from the Hangar-7 Merchandising Shop & Hangar-7 Online-Shop.



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Ikarus invites the world`s best chefs

The Hangar-7 cookery book 2016 /en/service-shop/ikarus-invites-the-worlds-best-chefs-2016/

Ikarus invites the world`s best chefs

The Hangar-7 cookery book 2015 /en/service-shop/ikarus-invites-the-worlds-best-chefs-2015/

Ikarus invites the world`s best chefs

The Hangar-7 cookbook 2014 /en/service-shop/ikarus-invites-the-worlds-best-chefs-2014/

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Culinary Highflyers

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The Culinary Highflyers 2012 App

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