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Head Sommelier Restaurant Ikarus

Christoph Hartinger

Finding the right drink or wine for a menu is for the Ikarus Chef Sommelier Christoph Hartinger is absolutely essential. Christoph has been an important part of the team since 2009 and has been providing perfect wine accompaniments in the Ikarus restaurant for many years.

In moments of stress and strain, concentrate on the well-being of the guests.

Florian Kempinger

Questions and Answers from Christoph Hartinger

How did you get into the sommelier profession?
That was absolutely not planned from the start. Over time, the “must” has turned into a “want” to learn when it comes to open wines, and then one thing has come to the other.

Do you have a personal favorite wine or vintage?
Fortunately, there are a lot of good winemakers and wines. However, the first wine in which I noticed that the reverberation can sometimes last five minutes was a Château d‘Yquem 1986. This winery has a special status.

Do you prefer to drink wine in your private life, or can it be a beer?
Of course, a beer is also included. In terms of origins, that's in your blood. But of course the wine takes the clear first place.

What does the perfect dinner look like for you?
It doesn't take too much for that. However, it depends on the right “ingredients”. My wife, a beach, Jacques Selosse rosé champagne and a basket filled with cheese.

How did your passion become your job?
Even the passion for wine only came with time. After you have had initial successes at blind tastings and “nailed” the grape variety and winery, you experience a different enthusiasm for the whole thing.

How do you think the beverage and wine industry has evolved over the past few years?
Further developed, it hits well. Because there is nothing left that does not yet exist. Of course with some things that are something for "lovers". But also with cool and casual products. It is definitely no longer enough to just focus on wine. The alcohol-free market in particular is always and ever more important.

In which restaurant in the world would you really like to dine?
Unfortunately nothing more will come of that ... To dine in the aubergine at Eckart Witzigmann's would have been a dream of mine.

Your favorite winemaker?
In terms of wine technology, I like Germany very, very much. That's why I take two and say Egon Müller and Klaus Peter Keller.

Could you imagine running your own vineyard?
I almost know what goes into this craft and for this reason I prefer to bring the finished wine to the guest with full commitment.

How important is it to find the right drink or the right wine for a menu?
This is absolutely essential! Because on the one hand you get to know things that you might not necessarily try solo. On the other hand, the right combination leaves a taste experience that would otherwise only be half as great.

What criteria are used to select the right drinks for an exotic guest chef menu?
With exotic menus you always have to approach the whole thing differently. Here it is crucial to only support and accompany with the drinks. As well as adding variety and excitement with cocktails, beers and other fizzy drinks alongside wine.

What are your personal goals?
To continue to let as many guests go home happy as before.

Currently at Hangar-7

Currently at Hangar-7

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