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Chef de Cuisine, Restaurant Ikarus, Red Bull Hangar-7

Jörg Bruch

Jörg Bruch is a chef de cuisine in Martin Klein’s team at Restaurant Ikarus. Bruch has been working in Hangar-7's underground kitchens since 2004.

Restaurant Ikarus is like competitive sport. It is addictive.

Jörg Bruch

Questions and Answers from Jörg Bruch

Which experience during your time in the kitchen at Restaurant Ikarus has been unforgettable?
Shaking Neil Armstrong’s hand – I mean, he was the person who’d definitely travelled the farthest. 
And: Getting to know Tommy Eder-Dananic and Martin Klein.

What was the toughest cooking task you’ve ever tackled?
Cooking risotto with Roland Trettl! ;-)

Does the perfect product even exist?
Yes, if you produce or tend something yourself.

What does creativity in the kitchen mean to you?
Teamwork, development, mistakes, imagination, inspiration.

What does continuing development mean to you, and what do you think helps someone learn the most?
You should never believe you can already do or have seen everything! 
We learn the most from our mistakes when we admit we’ve made them!

What advice would you give to young cooks as they begin their careers?
Learn the way it’s supposed to be done, and then do it differently!

An unforgettable taste in your life?
My father's rotisserie pork roast.

Do you have a favourite personal quote/ motto …?
Look people in the eye, shake hands when you greet them, and always say ‘thank you’, ‘please’ and ‘you’re welcome’! 

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