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Service Manager, Red Bull Hangar-7

Matthias Berger

Since August 2013, Matthias Berger has been ensuring guests receive the highest level of service in Hangar-7 - from the Carpe Diem Lounge – Café to Restaurant Ikarus. The service manager emphasises meticulousness, dedication and team spirit on the job.

The challenge and the dynamics that we face every month on account of the “Guest Chef” concept – that’s what inspires me. It’s a pleasure to be part of this vibrant world.

Matthias Berger

Questions and Answers from Matthias Berger

What are the latest wine trends? Are there such things as trends in the wine sector?
Trends are everywhere nowadays and certainly should not be completely disregarded … But there are things we don’t need to be constantly reinventing …

Where do your motivation and curiosity come from with respect to your profession?
I believe it is far more than a profession …

What does "honest food" mean for you?
I think it is absolutely essential that everyone involved be passionate about what they’re doing. 
And I’m not talking about just us chefs, waiters, sommeliers, etc. It begins with the "honest" part, that is, the natural origin of the produce in the vegetable garden on the farm – a situation that is increasingly rare nowadays. The product passes inspection by the cook, who decides to use that particular product and then applies respect and creativity to transform it into a food dish, and then finally it passes to the service personnel, who recommend and serve it.

What feeling do you wish to convey to your guests?
The team and I want to share the pleasure of our monthly "guest chef experiences" with our guests in a casual, relaxing atmosphere. The guests can only enjoy it to the full if they relax and go with it.

Is it a challenge to find the right beverage or wine to complement a particular menu?
It is simply tremendously exciting to find the right beverage for a particular dish ... one that complements and supports it ... no matter if it’s "Grand Cru" or "freshly pressed" ... Besides, it simply rounds off the menu!

What does the team concept mean to you?
Every member of the team is completely crucial to the task in their individual way, without losing any of their individuality. The only way we can successfully negotiate the path before us is if we work together. We look to the left and right along the way – with a professional and perfectionist’s eye, but also with the appropriate measure of enjoyment and fun while we work …

How important is continued training in your opinion?
I think continuing the training process is absolutely essential.

Your favourite winemaker?
Jean-Marc Roulot, Domaine Roulot, Meursault, Burgund, Frankreich

Could you imagine running your own vineyard?
Yes, absolutely, that’s every wine aficionado’s fantasy … ;-)  

What’s your definition of the perfect dinner?
An "honest meal" ;-) My better half and a good bottle of wine ... or maybe two ... because I can never decide.

What does life mean to you?
To appreciate the finer things in life and to be able to feel contented.

Who has especially inspired you in your life?
From time to time, wine! (laughing) 

Do you have anything else to add in conclusion?
To all of our guests, our whole team and the entire Hangar-7: THANK YOU! :-)

Currently at Hangar-7

Currently at Hangar-7

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