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Maximilian Bozzo-Rath

For Styrian-born Maximilian Bozzo-Rath, who started as Commis de Rang at Restaurant Ikarus in 2015 and now holds the position of Deputy Manager, it is a personal concern that every guest leaves the restaurant with a smile and in complete satisfaction, ideally always a little happier than they came in.

A large portion of pleasure. It’s the best accompaniment to sublime food, excellent wine and charming service.

Maximilian Bozzo-Rath

Questions and Answers from Maximilian Bozzo-Rath

What’s your definition of the perfect dinner?
Sitting around a large table with family and friends in the garden of a Tuscan country house at sunset, with some simple Italian cuisine and lots of French wine from Burgundy.
A “Grand Cru Sunday”, so to speak.

Which moments turn a work day into a success for you?
When, at the end of a visit to Restaurant Ikarus, the guests not only say goodbye with a handshake but also express their gratitude and appreciation for the work of the whole team.
If the guests leave the restaurant a little bit happier than when they arrived, then our team has done its job.

If you could eat in any restaurant in the world, which one would you choose?
The next one on my list is “da Vittorio” in Brusaporto. I can hardly wait to go there.

What feeling do you wish to convey to your guests?
A large portion of pleasure. It’s the best accompaniment to sublime food, excellent wine and charming service.

Is there one particular person you would love to welcome to Restaurant Ikarus?
My grandma.

What are your personal goals?
For my family to be happy and healthy. And to have a sail boat and a small vineyard with a large wine cellar in Tuscany, filled with wines from Italy and other countries.

What do team spirit and a team concept mean to you?
Everything. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
We all support and encourage each other.

What would be your biggest dream?
A magnum bottle of 1985 Cros Parantoux Henri Jayer from my own wine cellar in Tuscany, enjoyed with my best friends and, above all, my family on my sail boat moored off Capri. On a Wednesday afternoon.

Would you like to add anything else in conclusion?
Before I started working at Restaurant Ikarus, I would never have imagined that I’d develop such a passion for service and fine wines.
This passion has been ignited and stimulated by colleagues who have since become the best of friends.
I am eternally grateful to everyone who helps make Restaurant Ikarus the best place in the world to work. And I’d also like to thank my lovely wife for being so patient and understanding with me.

Do you have a favourite personal quote/motto?
More is more.

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