Hangar-7 as an art project

A glass backdrop for unusual artwork

Airports are not generally known to provide time and space for exquisite works of art.
Except in Salzburg, the home of Hangar-7.

At Hangar-7, art is not presented obtrusively. Rather, it is blended into the surroundings in a subtle and stylish way.
This alone guarantees a unique atmosphere inside the impressive glass dome of Hangar-7, for the exhibited pieces can quite literally be seen in a different light depending on the weather or the position of the sun.

At Hangar-7, artists and visitors come together on an equal footing. Although it serves as a meeting place for all art lovers, the term “art gallery” would not do it justice as an exhibition venue. Rather, Hangar-7 is a place where artists and art aficionados can exchange ideas and inspire one another. The exhibition space is brought to life by this exchange, which stimulates the contrast between the different exhibition themes: technology in all its forms on the one side, and the equally varied art on the other.

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