Overview of the exhibitions:
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November 2019

Red Bull Illume adventure and action sports 2019

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November 2019

‘Unser Wild’ – new book and exhibition.

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September 2019

TERRA MATER – “Weltbilder”

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July 2019

HOUSE OF ARTS - Art is in the Air

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March 2019

Armin Walcher - „Zeit-Los in Bewegung.“

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January 2019

Kainrath & Lorenzi - Paired exhibition of a pen & ink artist and a snapshot photographer at Hangar-7

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September 2018

TERRA MATER – Discover and understand the world

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May 2018

Gives you wiiings. 30 years of Red Bull cartoons

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March 2018

A Passion for Wings - Events that changed the world

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August 2017

Red Bull Illume - Red Bull Illume Exhibit Tour Is Coming To Salzburg

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July 2017

Dietmar Kainrath - “The magic 7”

May 2017

TERRA MATER – Discover and understand the world

April 2017

70-year of Sports Photography by Magnum - The Magic of the Moment

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September 2016

Per aspera ad astra – Through hardships to the stars

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July 2016

Jimmy Nelson - Before they pass away

April 2016

Terra Mater - Discover and understand the world


October 2015

Jörg F. Zimmermann - Farben des Lichts – Fine Glass Arts

September 2015

Alexander Maria Lohmann - Humanplayground

July 2015

Dietmar Kainrath - "Erfinder und Erfindungen"

May 2015

Rainer W. Schlegelmilch - The Golden Age of Car Racing


December 2014

Red Bull Illume im Hangar-7 - Finale in Salzburg

September 2014

TERRA MATER - "World pictures"

July 2014

Dietmar Kainrath - "Im Focus: Filme"


August 2013

Dietmar Kainrath - Culture in Cans

June 2013

Steve McQueen - The Last Mile

March 2013

Gregor Schlierenzauer - Quiet Moments


October 2012

Robert Rottensteiner - Yssilo – Parallele Welt

July 2012

The Swarm - A Parametric Pavillion

February 2012

Dietmar Kainrath - Zitate


October 2011

„Tides of Change“

August 2011

Red Bull Illume 2011 - Picture This!

July 2011

"A dance"

February 2011

"In dark woods"


October 2010

„The Secret of England´s Greatness“

July 2010

Jos Pirkner - Material, Form und Raum

April 2010

Dietmar Kainrath - Caricature & Flying

April 2010

Dietmar Kainrath - Canrath

February 2010

"An encounter with reality"


September 2009

"Paint Something German"

July 2009

"Una forza del passato“

February 2009

"Pavilhão de Portugal"


September 2008

"L.A. Potential“

July 2008

"Délicatesse des couleurs"

April 2008

University Mozarteum - Space and Body Perspectives

February 2008

"... from a Picturesque Country"


September 2007


July 2007

“Una Excursión Mexicana“

February 2007



September 2006

"Russia fly by“

July 2006

"Focus Big Apple"

March 2006

"¿Viva Pintura!“


October 2005

"Young Chinese Contemporary Art“

July 2005

The Art of Paperfolding - Masters of Origami

May 2005

Artworks from Red Bull cans - Red Bull Art of Can

March 2005

"Initial Impulse"