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Art is in the Air

The exhibition “Art Is in The Air” showcases works by 17 artists from different geographical locations who are driven by similar themes that are embodied in various techniques. Most of them use the ‘figurative’ artistic approach. In this exhibition you will be exposed to acrylic or oil on canvas, drawings, collages and sculptures in bronze, glass, metal, concrete, wire and synthetic material.

All the artists are well-established in their home countries and many of them on the international art scene. They are aged from 24 up to 60 and are all at different stages of their careers. They range from up and coming, to mid-career and well-established artists, from diverse backgrounds, places and educations. The only things they have in common are their exceptional talent and that (with some exceptions) they are figurative artists.

Our main purpose is to present art that will make you feel something. It does not matter if you just like the expression on a sculpture, are impressed by the technique of a drawing, or just enjoy the colours in a painting, as long as you feel something. One crucial point is that you don’t need to have a Master in Art History to know what you like, and you certainly don’t have to explain or justify it. Most art buyers buy based on their emotions, and most art viewers do so out of passion. That’s what art should be all about: look until you feel!

We wish you all an inspirational experience at Red Bull Hangar-7. We hope that you will bring “Art is in the Air” back with you in your hearts.

Exhibition period:

9 August 2019 to 8 September 2019

Currently at Hangar-7

Currently at Hangar-7

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Guest Chefs at Restaurant Ikarus

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Curtis Duffy

Guest Chef September 2023

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The Ikarus Team

August 2023

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Stefan Heilemann

Guest Chef July 2023

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Heinrich Schneider

Guest Chef June 2023

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Eric Kragh Vildgaard

Guest Chef May 2023

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Kai Ho

Guest Chef April 2023

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Erlantz Gorostiza

Guest Chef March 2023

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Cyril Molard

Guest Chef February 2023

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Christophe Bacquié

Guest Chef January 2023

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Yusuke Takada

Guest Chef December 2022

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Jon Bowring

Guest Chef November 2022

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Johannes Nuding and Pierre Gagnaire

Guest Chefs in October 2022

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Peter Hagen-Wiest

Guest Chef September 2022

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Grégoire Berger

Guest Chef July 2022