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HangART-7 Edition 10 - France

"Délicatesse des couleurs“

5th of July to 31st of August 2008

With more than 60 million inhabitants, the largest nation in Europe primarily defines itself as a cultural nation and its cultural capital is Paris. France also vigourously defends its national identity and cultural self-image within the European Union and by means of political endeavours. This exhibition in Hangar-7 showed 17 recent works by French painters and thus displayed trends that had only recently developed. A distinctive feature some artists depicted was the combination of narration with monochrome, i.e. painting with a single colour.


Hugues Allamargot, Julien Beneyton, Benjamin Bruneau, Nina Childress, Sylvie Fajfrowska, Sylvie Fanchon, Sylvain Gelinotte, Suzanne Jalenques, Armand Jalut, Servane Mary, Olivier Masmonteil, Julie Polidoro, Loïc Raguénès, Emmanuel Régent, Florence Reymond, Anne-Laure Sacriste, Sélim Saiah

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Currently at Hangar-7

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