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HangART-7 Edition 16 - England

"The Secret of England´s Greatness“

9th of October to 30th of November 2010

It was no accident that the title was rather mysterious, and it was also no coincidence that it referred to a famous historical picture (from 1863, in the National Portrait Gallery London), as well as to a very recent work (2010) appearing in this exhibition. History and the present day – the connection and distinction between these terms form the theme that pervades the entire exhibition. No matter what technique or style they’re using to create new works, no artist would dissociate her or himself from English painting traditions.


Liz Bailey, Oliver Bancroft, Wanda Bernardino, Melanie Carvalho, Frances Cowdry, Bruno Deroulede, Andrew Hollis, Cathy Lomax, Rebecca Stevenson, David Stockley, Diana Taylor, Twinkle Troughton

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Currently at Hangar-7

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