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Armin Walcher

„Zeit-Los in Bewegung.“

„Zeit-Los in Bewegung.“

Life then and now in Ausseerland.
A unique cultural project with unexpected perspectives on the subjects of homeland and tradition.

Photographer Armin Walcher pursues the sense of identity in the exhibition “Zeit-Los in Bewegung” [timeless on the move]. He seeks out the perpetual that does not shy away from motion. In Ausseerland – the region regarded as the geographical centre of Austria  – he finds unexpected perspectives on the subjects of tradition and stability. The distinctiveness and colourfulness of the region are revealed in 30 individual encounters.

This special exhibition features personal insights into the life of “Ausseerlandlers”. The stories are told in a true-to-nature, yet incredibly fascinating, visual vocabulary.
Armin Walcher was born on 16 April 1987 in Schladming, Austria. Travel in foreign countries and his interest in nature, culture and people have made a lasting impression on the photographer. The young Styrian, who ranks among Austria's most successful photographers, tells stories in an authentic manner, celebrating creativity and capturing the images worth capturing.

Exhibition period:

14 March 2019 to 5 May 2019

Currently at Hangar-7

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