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Talk format covering themes as culture, arts and society

"Talk im Hangar-7 bei ServusTV"

Thursdays live 22.15 on ServusTV

A new Talk Show has launched at the exlusive “Hangar-7” at Salzburg Airport…

The program focuses on popular topics from the areas of culture, the arts and society, featuring up to five interesting personalities per week. The spectrum of guests is broad: From famous celebrities to unknown artists, unconventional characters, people with exceptional paths of life, and personalities with the influence to bring about change. 

A live band will provide the musical backdrop. 
Every Thursday evening live – the culture of sophisticated conversation at the highest level!

Currently at Hangar-7

Currently at Hangar-7

Upcoming Guest Chefs 2019

Guest Chefs at Restaurant Ikarus

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Hiroyasu Kawate

Guest Chef October 2019

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