Dietmar Kainrath

Culture in Cans

The freelance cartoonist Dietmar Kainrath will enrich the Red Bull Hangar-7 for the fourth time now with an exhibition of his works from the ‘Culture in Cans’ series. The exhibition will run from 31.08.2013 to the end of October 2013.

Kainrath interprets the works of various renowned artists, architects, writers, composers and singers in his works, including Auguste Rodin, Pablo Picasso, Frank Sinatra, Gustav Klimt, William Shakespeare and Zaha Hadid. A fixed component of each cartoon are the sketches of cans, famous from the Red Bulletin with their simple design and lack of straight lines - sometimes as a silent observer, sometimes in a commentating role. Pen-and-ink, a thin paintbrush and sparing use of watercolours create a unique aesthetic imagery.

Dietmar Kainrath was born on 8 September 1942 in Innsbruck and initially attended art college. Although he developed an enthusiasm for cartoon drawing at an early stage, his desire to travel became his highest priority during this phase.

He spent a few years in major European cities and even worked at a circus in Germany, among other things. After returning to Innsbruck and the birth of his first son, his life plans changed and he initially worked as a self-employed commercial artist. He finally made his passion for cartoons his main profession at the end of the 1970s. Today Kainrath lives and works with wife Verena in Tyrol.

The artist has achieved renown through his numerous exhibitions in Austria, Germany and the USA. His most successful drawings include his 60 cartoons for Charles Bukowski’s Film Barfly. His first exhibition as a freelance artist was held in 1979 and focused on the theme of alcohol. Although still undertaking various graphic design orders, the number of companies appreciating his work started to increase. Drawings for Porsche, Mercedes, Austrian Airlines, Weltwoche, Penthouse and Playboy followed as a result. His cartoons of Tyrol, justice, politics, addiction and sport have appeared in numerous national and international publications.

Dietmar Kainrath’s role models include Romanian-American artist and cartoonist Saul Steinberg, French graphic designer and author Tomi Ungerer and Paul Flora. Kainrath’s most recent activities include working as a cartoonist for The Red Bulletin magazine and for the TV channel ServusTV.

Selection of works:

Dietmar Kainrath - Culture in Cans
Dietmar Kainrath - Culture in Cans: Roy Lichtenstein
Dietmar Kainrath - Culture in Cans: Oskar
Dietmar Kainrath - Culture in Cans: Vincent
Dietmar Kainrath - Culture in Cans: David

Exhibition period

From August 31st 2013 until end of December 2013.

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