Terra Mater - Discover and understand the world:

"Weltbilder" photo exhibition

From 4 May to 04 July 2017, the nature and science magazine Terra Mater will be presenting some outstanding photography from its unique articles. Impressive subjects that reflect the magazine's motto: Discover and understand the world.

A jaguar with a bloodied snout. Traditionally dressed people in the almost extraterrestrial landscape of Kenya. Camels battling it out in Dubai. Or old but majestic DC3 planes flying in formation above the rainforests of Columbia. These are just some of the unforgettable impressions that reporters and photographers capture for Terra Mater and bring back from their travels around the globe. Together, they form the bi-monthly nature magazine that takes us on a world tour from the comfort of our homes and inspires us to discover and understand the world we live in.

The exhibition will present the work of top international photographers such as Araquém Alcântara (Brazil), Anne Ackermann (Uganda), Kasper Hedberg (Sweden), Luca Zanetti (Switzerland) and Phil Moore (United Kingdom).

About Terra Mater:

Terra Mater is a product of Red Bull Media House. It is aimed at readers who want to expand their knowledge of our planet by discovering and learning about its wonders. In addition to being cosmopolitan, optimistic and positive, Terra Mater is editorially impressive, visually stunning and meets the highest international standards. The globally relevant content is presented in the form of detailed independent articles that reflect the magazine's outstanding expertise and attention to detail.

Terra Mater on ServusTV:

Through impressive perspectives Terra Mater shows the unbounded beauty of our planet. Every Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. the program presents the big genres of documentary – nature, science and history – an eclectic mix produced with the best quality available. In cooperation with the best producers, cinematographers and directors of the world and with state of the art technique Terra Mater brings unrivaled pictures to life. For an hour each week Terra Mater helps the audience escape to the farthest and most spectacular places on earth.

Selection of Photos:

Kamelrennen © Casper Hedberg
Turkana © Anne Ackermann
Zanskar © Bruno Zanzottera - Parallelozero

Exhibition period

© Philippe Halsman / Magnum Photos

From May 4 to July 4 2017.

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