Mayday Bar

Exquisite drinks and Smart Food

Whether you are concluding the evening in style after a meal at the Ikarus or heading off into the city’s nightlife: the Mayday Bar makes a most elegant runway, for take-off or landing! 

The Mayday Bar not only serves exquisite international cocktails, but has also put scientific and nutritional findings to good use to create some truly tasty dishes. Smart Food in the Mayday Bar! Would you like to be at your best, feel great and look fantastic into the bargain day in, day out? Who wouldn’t?!!

Too bad that reality is often somewhat different. Fortunately, some novel nutritional concepts are offering a helping hand: the magic words are Brain Food, Mood Food and Beauty Food. Choose from the three specially tailored smart food menus. The objective: guests can totally devote themselves to indulgence and for the rest of the day will still be able to feel how much good the carefully thought out and lovingly prepared dishes are doing them.

Smart Food at the Mayday Bar
Smart Food at the Mayday Bar
Smart Food at the Mayday Bar

Opening hours Hangar-7 Mayday Bar

Mayday bar at Hangar-7 Salzburg

Sunday - Thursday 12:00 - 00:00 am
Friday & Saturday 12:00 - 01:00 am


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Bar Food at the Mayday Bar

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