Hangar-7 Summer Feeling

Hangar-7 Outdoor Lounge

Every airport has a visitors' terrace. The most beautiful, perhaps, but definitely the one with the most delicious food is the Hangar-7 Outdoor Lounge at Salzburg Airport.

What does this mean? It means that, in the summer months, 7 days a week, weather permitting, the quality of life of airplane fans and barbecue lovers will be taken to the very highest level.

Because while the busy runway is filled with giant passenger aircraft or rare Flying Bulls planes, the guests in the Hangar-7 Outdoor Lounge can be thoroughly spoilt in the open air by Martin Klein and the Ikarus team. Specialty meats from all over the world, will be landing on their plates and these can be combined with any of the sauces and side dishes. In fact, the whole meal can be put together just as diners want. The menu is the order slip at the same time – simply mark your choice with a cross, and a while later you'll be able to feast on exactly what you want. Those who are familiar with Klein's love of detail and the quality of his cuisine will know what the guests can expect: delicious grilled food, prepared to the highest standards. But vegetarians can enjoy this experience too, with a richly varied selection of salads and vegetarian side dishes. And anyone who has not yet developed a passion for airplanes will discover one when they see the exclusive selection of specialties!

Hangar-7 Outdoor Lounge

The Outdoor Lounge will re-open in spring 2017, with new ideas and culinary delights.


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Hangar-7 Summer Feeling

Hangar-7 Outdoor Lounge