August 2017 at Restaurant Ikarus: Ikarus Team

A Festival For Gourmets

A new month, a new menu – this has been the motto of Restaurant Ikarus since 2003. In the festival month of August, the world’s most unusual brigade of chefs is once again taking the lead: under the management of Executive Chef Martin Klein and the patronage of Eckart Witzigmann, the Ikarus Team presents a menu that shows off all their skills. A menu that fully reflects Martin Klein’s culinary principles: product awareness, loving attention to detail, and integrity.

Right from the start, the “guest chef” concept has been riding a wave of success. Originally set up by chef of the century Eckart Witzigmann, the concept is now managed by Martin Klein with Eckart Witzigmann in the role of patron.

Born in Strasbourg, Martin Klein first managed Restaurant Marstall in Munich, where he won his first Michelin Star in 2002. The following year he started as chef de cuisine in Restaurant Ikarus, and was thus part of the original team. He worked here for a total of 9 years, with responsibility for culinary composition, until he changed direction in 2012 and spent a period of time on Laucala Island, an exclusive private island in the middle of the South Pacific. Returning to his “new old” home in January 2014, he has set himself the challenge of continuing the internationally renowned guest chef concept in Hangar-7 in the role of Executive Chef. 

Martin Klein travels the world in search of top chefs. He gets to know all the guest chefs in their own kitchens, devising extraordinary menus with them for Restaurant Ikarus. He is assisted by chefs de cuisine Tommy Eder-Dananic and Jörg Bruch – both of whom have worked at Hangar-7 for over 12 years – and sous chefs Martin Ebert and Andreas Bitsch, who have also been at Restaurant Ikarus for over 10 years. Service manager Matthias Berger and restaurant manager Florian Kempinger ensure the general comfort of guests at Restaurant Ikarus. “The chance to work with a unique team on perhaps the most interesting gastronomic concept in the world is something that only comes once in a lifetime,” says the Executive Chef, with a note of awe in his voice.

The team is hugely important to Martin Klein. Because the guest chefs change every month, the team has to be particularly flexible – while at the same time remaining true to their standard of total perfection. “What makes it special is that as a chef you cannot ever get used to anything. Other chefs have a schedule, and cook maybe 20 to 30 dishes a year. Here, we often cook that many dishes in a month!” 

A taste of the creations of what is possibly the world’s most exclusive chefs’ crew can be enjoyed by all when the Ikarus Team sets the tone for the Salzburg Festival in Restaurant Ikarus in Hangar-7 during August.

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Guest chefs at Restaurant Ikarus

Guest chefs 2017

Ikarus invites the world`s best chefs

The Hangar-7 cookery book 2016 /en/service-shop/ikarus-invites-the-worlds-best-chefs-2016/

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: August 2017

Ikarus Team

Martin Klein and the
Ikarus Team

Salzburg, Austria

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: July 2017

Daniel Boulud

Martin Klein meets

Daniel Boulud
New York City, USA

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: June 2017

Thomas Bühner

Martin Klein meets

Thomas Bühner
Osnabrück, Germany

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: May 2017

Isaac McHale /en/ikarus/guest-chef-at-restaurant-ikarus/2017/isaac-mchale/

Martin Klein meets

Isaac McHale
London, Great Britain

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: April 2017

José Avillez /en/ikarus/guest-chef-at-restaurant-ikarus/2017/jose-avillez/

Martin Klein meets

José Avillez
Lisboa, Portugal

Guest chefs at Restaurant Ikarus: March 2017

"Best of Vienna"

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: February 2017

Manish Mehrotra

Martin Klein meets

Manish Mehrotra
New-Delhi, India

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: January 2017

Christophe Muller

Martin Klein meets

Christophe Muller
Collonges au Mont d´Or

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: December 2016

Søren Selin

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: November 2016

Christian Bau

Martin Klein meets

Christian Bau
Perl-Nennig/Mosel, Germany

Ikarus invites the world`s best chefs

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Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: October 2016

Vladimir Mukhin

Martin Klein meets

Vladimir Mukhin
Moscow, Russia

Guest chef at Restaurant Ikarus: September 2016

Syrco Bakker

Martin Klein meets

Syrco Bakker
Cadzand-Bad, Netherlands

Chefs at Restaurant Ikarus: August 2016

Ikarus Team

Martin Klein and the
Ikarus Team

Salzburg, Austria /en/ikarus/martin-klein-auf-reisen/2016/martin-klein-and-the-ikarus-team/