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Guest Chef May 2022: Henrique Sá Pessoa

Culinary vision with heart and soul

Portugal has it all. From the sea to architecture to football, from excellent wine to equally outstanding cuisine. Henrique Sá Pessoa plays in the top league of Portuguese cuisine, and his two-star restaurant gives gourmets from near and far yet another reason to head for the trendy capital of the seafaring nation.

However, Henrique Sá Pessoa’s love of cooking was actually sparked on the other side of the Atlantic when he attended a lecture about the renowned Le Cordon Bleu Institute during an exchange visit to the USA. He was fascinated by the world of gastronomy that opened up before him and decided to complete the education at the prestigious school in order to receive the highest level of culinary and hospitality instruction. After graduation he gathered practical experience in London, Sydney and Lisbon.

In 2009, Henrique Sá Pessoa opened his own restaurant, Alma, in his hometown of Lisbon. Although he enjoyed success from the start, the real breakthrough came in 2015 when the restaurant was moved to a larger venue in the heart of the city. Within a year, Alma was awarded its first Michelin star, a second one followed in 2018.

Henrique Sá Pessoa’s cuisine is focused on taste. His numerous travels, a profound love of Asian food, his knowledge of traditional Portuguese cooking and Lisbon’s lifestyle all find their way into his creations:

At Alma, we serve emotions, identity, knowledge. In the end, we seek to develop a kitchen with depth, which is also a consequence of our experiences.

Henrique Sá Pessoa

 Innovative dishes prepared to perfection are served in an ambience that is sophisticated yet laid-back.

Diners choose between two different menus and a range of à la carte dishes. “Costa a Costa” is a tribute to Portugal’s fish and seafood and takes the senses on a journey along the coast, bringing the flavour of the sea and sustainable catches to the table. The tasting menu “Alma” is a selection of Henrique Sá Pessoa’s signature dishes and offers contemporary interpretations of Portugal’s rich culinary tradition. The chef describes the menus as “dishes that revisit our past with a contemporary twist, while staying true to the traditional recipes of Portugal.”

Portugal’s “GQ Man of the Year 2007” in the Gourmet category is also known to a wide audience through his TV cooking shows “Entre Pratos”, “Ingrediente Secreto”, Chefs’ Academy and “Comtradição”. He sees himself as part of the culinary revolution in Portugal showing with gastronomic ingenuity how versatile and delicious traditional ingredients can be.

“Alma” translates into soul – an integral part of any exceptional culinary experience in the eyes of Henrique Sá Pessoa. Let your palate and soul be seduced alike when Portugal’s visionary new cuisine comes to Restaurant Ikarus in May 2022.

Vegetarian Menu


Meringue – Pickled beet – Fermented garlic – Calendula
Black taco – Sweet cabbage – Mushroom espuma
Mini sandwich – Cream cheese – Ponzu – Wood sorrel
Liquid praline of green apple – Celery – Bronze fennel


BBQ celery – Green asparagus – Onion – Lovage 
Liquid gnocchi of mountain cheese – Foam of dried porcini mushroom
Baked brioche – Avocado – Clove blossoms
Glazed raviolo of fresh herbs
Parsnip – Sweet potato – Tomato beurre blanc 
Mushroom Dashi – Beetroot – Nettle – Raviolo – Rowanberry 
Chanterelle – Watercress – Pine nuts – Kohlrabi 
Pineapple – Olive oil – Granny Smith – Celery stalks 
Hazelnut – Guanaja chocolate – Frangelico

EUR 200,00

Menu in six courses EUR 160
(without Gnocchi and Mushroom Dashi)

Please be advised that the menu can only be ordered per table.

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Each month at Salzburg’s two Michelin-starred Restaurant Ikarus, a different top international chef creates the menu. For this globally unique concept, Hangar-7 executive chef Martin Klein visits the cream of the crop, takes a look behind the scenes of haute cuisine, and is let in on some exciting culinary secrets. “Culinary Heights at Ikarus” offers a unique glimpse into the world of high-end cuisine and provides an interesting portrait of each guest chef, their culinary philosophy, and the food culture of their country.

Sat 10.06.17:50Culinary Heights at Ikarus - with Heinrich Schneider


Lisbon, Portugal


Currently at Hangar-7

Currently at Hangar-7

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