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Guest Chef February 2023: Cyril Molard

Indulgence begins with a smile

A mere 10-minute drive lies between the hustle and bustle of downtown Luxembourg and the serenity of the village of Moutfort with its surrounding fields and forests. Within this natural retreat lies the gourmet world of Ma Langue Sourit, which translates as “My tongue is smiling”. The culinary mastermind responsible for putting a smile on visitors’ faces is Cyril Molard. Together with a team of dedicated professionals, he transforms seasonal products into exquisite dishes by cooking them with great delicacy and love.

Cyril Molard grew up in the small village of Cornimont in the Vosges. Both his grandfather and father were master butchers, and today’s Michelin-starred chef also began his career by training to become a “charcutier”, as well as a caterer. While working for various catering companies over the years, his love for the art of cooking increasingly evolved. The appreciation of genuine craftsmanship is a virtue he still holds particularly dear in his restaurant today. The aspiring chef honed his skills at some of the world’s finest restaurants like the historic Lapérouse in Paris, the glamorous Claridge’s in London, the two-star Le Moulin de Lourmarin or the threestar Flocon de Sel when it opened in 1997. The new millennium saw Cyril Molard move to Luxembourg where he first worked as Sous Chef at La Lorraine and later as Executive Chef at the Hotel Le Royal. But then he felt ready for a new challenge and was looking for a place where he could realise his own culinary ideas and visions.

Opened in 2008 in Moutfort, Ma Langue Sourit quickly put itself on the culinary map. The restaurant’s unique name originates from a little girl who once praised a delicious chocolate dessert with the words “My tongue is smiling”. An image that Cyril Molard found beautiful and quite fitting for his cuisine. The success of the gastronomic venture was not long in coming. Ma Langue Sourit was awarded its first Michelin star in 2010. In 2018, the rating was upped to two stars which the restaurant maintains to this day. In the Gault&Millau Luxembourg Guide, the restaurant scores 18.5 out of 20 points, the highest rating ever achieved in Luxembourg. The restaurant guide furthermore named Cyril Molard Chef of the Year in 2020.

The force that drives Cyril Molard and his team is the determination to offer a unique experience that appeals to all the senses and elevates culinary emotions to the highest level. The best products are selected based on quality, origin and freshness to be highlighted in distinctive and accessible dishes. “Greatness in simplicity” is how Gault&Millau sums up the cuisine at Ma Langue Sourit, which is steeped in classic French tradition yet takes a contemporary approach. There is close collaboration with other restaurants as well as with local producers throughout Luxembourg to jointly contribute to the gastronomic development of an entire region.

Discover the culinary land of smiles when Cyril Molard brings his delightful creations to Restaurant Ikarus in February 2023. You can expect a feast of harmoniously balanced flavours and textures that will leave your taste buds delighted and your tongue smiling.

Menu of Cyril Molard


Tartelette – pumpkin – clementine
Foie Gras – hazelnut praline – cacao
“Pâté en croûte St. Antoine“
Gillardeau oyster – almond – herbal oil – green radish


Cabbage Mille Feuille
Pikeperch – hazelnut – pumpkin – pine nuts
Parsnip – yuzu – buckwheat
Coalfish Ikejime
Broccoli – limequat – kimchi – romain lettuce
Celery – truffle – laurel – vanilla
Dombes breast of duck
Beetroot – fig – cassis
Honey – caramel – horseradish
“Tarte du Jardin“
Fennel – cream of saffron – Douglasie pine

€ 245,00

Menu in five courses EUR 205,00
(without Langoustine and “Tarte du Jardin”)

* Wine Pairings  EUR 225,00
Please be advised that the menu can only be ordered per table

Vegetarian Menu


"Doves Nest"

Hummus – Tahini – Lentils – Chickpea sausage
Caramelized onion – Truffle – King oyster mushroom
Smoked carrot – "Graved carrot"
Olive – Tomato – Capers – Pine nuts


Fennel – Peanut – Lemon – Quinoa
Asparagus – "Thai Mousse" – Young coconut – Avocado
Chicory – Macadamia – Curry – Lemongrass – Pumpkin
Spinach tortellini – Pear – Walnut – Périgord truffle
Zucchini blossom Dolma – Harissa – Broccoli
Walnut – Smoked cheese – Apple chutney
Raclette – Quince – Mustard seeds
Camembert surprise
Strawberry – Fennel – Yogurt

EUR 215,00

Menu shortende EUR 175
(without Asparagus and Cheese)

Please be advised that the menu can only be ordered per table.

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Sat 09.03.18:55Culinary Heights at Ikarus - with James Gaag

Ma Langue Sourit

Moutfort, Luxembourg


Currently at Hangar-7

Currently at Hangar-7

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