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Chef de Cuisine, Restaurant Ikarus, Red Bull Hangar-7

Martin Ebert

Martin Ebert is a chef de cuisine in Martin Klein’s team at Restaurant Ikarus. Bruch has been working in Hangar-7's underground kitchens since 2008.

The important thing is, that it has to taste good!

Martin Ebert

Questions and Answers from Martin Ebert

Which experience during your time in the kitchen at Restaurant Ikarus has been unforgettable?
There have been quite a few, including meeting and cooking together with the legendary Grand Achatz.

What was the toughest cooking task you’ve ever tackled?
Making Gérard Depardieu feel full!

Does the perfect product even exist?
It's difficult to point to a perfect product, because mother nature is constantly changing.

What does creativity in the kitchen mean to you?
Creativity = Cooking = Life

How does the perfect dinner look like for you?
A barbecue with friends, accompanied by a glass of wine, on a warm summer's day.

What advice would you give to young cooks as they begin their careers?
The important thing for young chefs is to first learn the basics before moving into high-end, award-winning cuisine.

An unforgettable taste in your life?
I have experienced many unforgettable tastes at Hangar-7, but I will remember my mother's delicious beef roulade for the rest of my life!

Do you have a favourite personal quote/ motto …?
No matter what you're cooking, be it Michelin star cuisine, pizzas or burgers, always bring the best out of it! – Grand Achatz –

Currently at Hangar-7

Currently at Hangar-7

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