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An elegant runway for take-off or landing

Mayday Bar & Threesixty Bar

Mayday Bar - international dishes and drinks

In the Mayday Bar, from which you get a bird’s eye view of the historic aircraft on display in Hangar-7, there’s a feeling of boundlessness that emanates not just from the aircraft but the drinks and menu too. Take, for example, the huge selection of exquisite cocktails from all over the world. And a food sharing concept, which radiates just as much internationality with all kinds of delicacies. Hardly surprising, given that the bar food dishes designed specially for the Mayday Bar are prepared by the chefs in the Ikarus team. Their dishes incorporate a wealth of experience gained from the guest chef concept and the visits of more than 250 top chefs from many different countries and continents. So you’ll be spoiled with unique compositions, sometimes based on classic, sometimes on unusual ingredients, which blend and fuse the most diverse cooking styles, techniques and philosophies. 
Besides international bar food and an extensive cocktail menu, there is also a DJ playing in January, 2024 on Fridays and Saturdays from 7:00 pm at Mayday Bar.

Upcoming DJs:

March 1, 2024 Nikoletta
March 2, 2024 Wiz jr.

March 8, 2024 Denggalengg
March 9, 2024 Denggalengg

March 15, 2024 DJ JFK
March 16, 2024 DJ JFK

March 22, 2024 David Sachon
March 23, 2024 Oliver David

March 29, 2024 Benyo
March 30, 2024 DJ Sven

Bar Food Japan Journey

Japan Journey

Smoked eel Takoyaki

Tuna sushi, Avocado, Trout caviar

Filet of beef, Tataki, Ponzu, Truffle vinaigrette

Ninki-ichi „Sparkling“ Sake Junmai Ginjo


Black cod, Miso, Cedar wood, Daikon, Cucumber salad

Shoyu ramen, Chicken, Edamame, Egg

Hibiki Japanese Harmony whisky, Yuzu Sake, pear, lemon


Blanc Mangé, Red shiso, Yuzu

Matcha, Sakura cherry, Jasmine ice cream

Menu for 2 persons

Cocktail pairing for 2 persons

Subject to change without notice.

Bar Food USA Journey

USA Journey

Bourbon BBQ, Chicken wings, Cheddar dip

Candy salmon, Maple syrup, Green asparagus

Lettuce hearts, Pastrami, Pickles, Horseradish

Bourbon Whiskey, Thalheim dark Lager, Maple, Lime


Maine lobster, Tomatoe hollandaise, Cajun corn

Beef burger, Onion confit, Coleslaw, Bacon

Tequila, Corn liqueur, Egg white, Lemon, Sugar


Peanut, Chocolate, Salt caramel

Sundae Cup
Cocoa sorbet, Cornflakes, Chantilly, Cookie dough ice cream

Menu for 2 persons

Cocktail pairing for 2 persons

Subject to change without notice.

Mayday Bar – Drinks

Opening hours Hangar-7 Mayday Bar

Monday to Thursday:
Friday & Saturday:
05:00 pm to 12:00 am
12:00 pm to 01:00 am
12:00 pm to 05:00 pm 

Bar Food from Monday to Thursday from 05:00 pm to 09:30 pm.
Friday and Saturday from 12:00 pm to 09:30 pm. 
Sunday from 12:00 pm to 03:30 pm.

We would like to politely inform you, that reservations are only possible in the context of a food consumption!
Thank you very much for your understanding!



Threesixty Bar – Relax in fabulous style

The Threesixty Bar is only accessible via a footbridge, which floats beneath the dome of Hangar-7. Once arrived there, the colourful variety of The ORGANICS by Red Bull opens up. The organic soft drinks are available in the unique flavours: Simply Cola, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water, Viva Mate and Black Orange. No matter if served on ice or enjoyed directly from the cold can or bottle The ORGANICS by Red Bull are simply delicious both as organically certified refreshing alternatives to classic lemonades. In addition, a selection of creative cocktails based on The ORGANICS by Red Bull, exquisite champagnes and sparkling wines await you. From this exceptional bar, you can enjoy views of the legendary Flying Bulls fleet comprising aircraft and helicopters from a bird‘s eye perspective. This is all possible thanks to the glass architecture of the Threesixty Bar, which also incorporates the ground. The sophisticated wings of the Douglas DC-6B open out beneath your feet while you recuperate from a stressful day with a cool drink or get in the mood for an unforgettable culinary evening with an aperitif.

Threesixty Bar – Drinks

Opening hours Threesixty Bar

Tuesday and Wednesday: 06:30 pm - 12:00 am
Friday and Saturday: 06:30 pm - 01:00 am
Monday, Thursday and Sunday: closed

For further information please contact our front office:

Currently at Hangar-7

Currently at Hangar-7

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Guest chefs 2022

Guest Chefs at Restaurant Ikarus

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