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Recipes from the Hangar-7 cookbooks "Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs"

Culinary highlights: "Ikarus invites the world’s best chefs"

Here we are introducing the best recipes that international cuisine has to offer:

Ikarus has been hosting for more than 17 years the best that international cuisine has to offer. The restaurant has a unique location in Hangar-7. Each month, Ikarus serves as a platform for one of the world's greatest chefs and their most compelling creations. The results are then offered in high-quality cookbooks „Ikarus invites the world´s best chefs”.
Who doesn’t own the cookbooks yet and can´t wait to embark on a culinary journey from fusion and molecular cuisine to traditional regional specialties, can get a foretaste of the many extraordinary recipes here. 

You´ll find plenty of phantastic recipes out of the Hangar-7 cookbooks „Ikarus invites the world´s best chefs” to try out as well as tips and tricks. Just the right for adventurous hobby chefs who are ready for a culinary adventure. 

You can also find our cookbooks in the Hangar-7 Online-Shop

Enjoy cooking.

Our Sommelier recommends the following wines: 

Homemade spaghetti by Ciccio Sultano
2014 Dall Isola Bianco, Joaquin, Kampanien, Italy
This strong, Mediterranean wine is something very special and goes perfectly with the "Homemade Spaghetti by Ciccio Sultano".

2017 Rossj-Bass, Angelo Gaja, Piemont, Itlay
This wine comes from the star and icon from Piedmont par excellence: Angelo Gaja. Powerful, intense and yet elegant. A Chardonnay paired with the fragrance of Sauvignon Blanc.

„Sopas Mallorquinas“ Red mullet | safron aioli | sobrasada by Fernando P. Arellano
2016 Albarino „III Año“
Bodegas Fefinanes, Rias Baixas, Spain
Albarino enjoys a unique selling point in Spain.Because they come primarily from Galicia, in the north-west of Spain. A region where white wine is more important than red. Unique in the whole country! An authentic counterpart to Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling! That brings a vacation into a glass!

2018 Grüner Veltliner „Rotes Tor“ Smaragd 
Franz Hirtzberger, Wachau, Austria
Sometimes you have to go new ways. But these are not always absolutely necessary.
This characterful Grüner Veltliner classic by Franz Hirtzberger, with its ripe and exotic aromas, but also the herbal spices, goes perfectly with the intense, Mediterranean dish!

Partridge | Gyoza | Macadamia | Yuzu | Shiitake Mushroom by Sidney Schutte
2010 Pinot Noir, Schloss Halbturn, Burgenland, Austria
The most francophile wines in Austria are vinified at Halbturn Castle. Aged in a small wooden barrel, it brings elegance, precision and expressiveness with it. A wine that shows its full potential after a few years of maturation.

2009 Barolo “Bricco Ambrogio”, Paolo Scavino, Italy
Piedmont is one of the most famous areas, not only for the white gold but also for fine red wines. Paolo Scavino is one of the more modern producers in the region. Nebbiolo is a grape variety that produces powerful and tannin-rich wines and likes to showcase its skills after a few years.

Cod tartare with watercress and cream cheese by Poul Andrias Ziska
2016 Furmint „Vogelsang“, Michael Wenzel, Rust, Burgenland, Austria
Furmint ... a grape variety that is rarely given any attention. In dry style too.
But an absolute classic, of course in Hungary with the Tokaj, but also in Rust. Mostly it is used for the rust breakout. However, in recent years there has been a rethinking to dry out the Furmint.
And that's exactly where he shows his full potential!Yellow apple peel, meadow herbs, saltiness. Never loud and intrusive, but always present!

2015 Pouilly-Fumé A.C., Didier Dagueneau, Loire, France
Lately we had Angelo Gaja from Piedmont with us. Another such cult winemaker, who is based on the Loire, is Didier Dagueneau. The domaine is now managed by his son Louis-Benjamin.
Sauvignon Blanc - here referred to as Blanc Fumé - in a very mineral, straightforward form. Fumé suggests the flint, which gives the wine an unmistakable note. Sauvignon Blanc with a different flavor than paprika or cassis.
Absolutely worth trying! Best of all with the dish of Poul Andrias Ziska.

Our Wine recommendation is also available at the Hangar-7 "Takeaway shop". 

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