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Dietmar Kainrath

Caricature & Flying

Exhibition period: April 30 – end of May 2010

The exhibition in the Doppler Foyer displayed the drawings by the Innsbruck caricaturist Dietmar Kainrath that were inspired by Hangar-7. Hangar-7 inspired the well-known Tyrolese caricaturist Dietmar Kainrath to create drawings, which in turn inspired the Trialogue in Hangar-7 – which was an extraordinary evening that was part “jam session” and part “vernissage”. Dietmar Kainrath’s caricatures reach their audience by using understated humour that is never cruel. The artist from Innsbruck became famous through numerous exhibitions in Austria, Germany and the USA.

Currently at Hangar-7

Currently at Hangar-7

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